Christina Bellman, Founder & CEO

Chrissy has managed a variety of people and projects at Fortune 500 companies. Most recently, she held a leading go-to-market strategy and commercialization role.

With a passion for avoiding chemicals and processed foods, Chrissy realized the opportunity for LEVO early on. She has driven and self-funded the development since inception in 2011, and has a deep understanding of LEVO’s customer base.

Her vision for and commitment to LEVO came early and is unwavering.

Sarah Ingram, Head of Operations

Sarah’s knack for providing a seamless customer experience stems from her background in the Real Estate industry. Most recently working as Head of Operations and Finance for a top brokerage outside of Washington DC, she lives for logistics and keeping everyone on track.

Sarah has been dedicated LEVO’s progress since the start and she is beyond excited for the opportunity to help it grow to the next level. She wholeheartedly believes that the success of a company lives with its customers, and is eager to improve lives for the better through LEVO.

Lula & Archie, Treat Development

Archie graduated Puppy Kindergarten in 2014 at School for the Dogs, continuing his studies in Basic and Intermediate Obedience in 2015 at Village Dog Works in New York City. He loves bananas, tennis balls, tops of strawberries, yogurt, and all things squirrel.

Lula enjoys napping, playing in the garden hose and sometimes terrorizing her cat brother, Raleigh.

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