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Christina Bellman, Founder & CEO

Chrissy has managed a variety of people and projects at Fortune 500 companies. Most recently, she held a leading go-to-market strategy and commercialization role.

With a passion for avoiding chemicals and processed foods, Chrissy realized the opportunity for LEVO early on. She has driven and self-funded the development since inception in 2011, and has a deep understanding of LEVO’s customer base.

Her vision for and commitment to LEVO came early and is unwavering.

Olivia Harris, Chief Creative Officer

Olivia most recently founded OH Creative + Co., a boutique creative agency based in New York City. There, she worked on brand strategy and creative direction for a variety of clients in the world of e-commerce, fashion and design. Her experience as an early employee of familiarized her with the business & culture of startups.

When LEVO came across her desk, Olivia dropped everything and booked a flight to Denver. She is thrilled to be a part of growing the LEVO brand and realizing its full potential.

David Blutenthal, Product Strategist

David spent the last decade as an entrepreneur in the music industry – founding three tech startups, developing the careers of recording artists, and leading teams to create products that galvanize communities. David’s work has garnered media coverage in Digital Trends, Cassandra Daily, and The Boston Globe; on podcasts such as From Founder to CEO; and on the stage at Midem and The Boston App Expo. He holds an MBA from Babson College.

David’s most excited about making LEVO a staple part of people’s lifestyles and helping steer the company’s growth.

Archie, Director of Treat Development

Archie graduated Puppy Kindergarten in 2014 at School for the Dogs, continuing his studies in Basic and Intermediate Obedience in 2015 at Village Dog Works in New York City.

This same year, he became a certified emotional therapy dog at The Good Dog Foundation and moved to Denver, CO.

He loves bananas, tennis balls, tops of strawberries, yogurt, and all things squirrel. Raised with a cat brother named Maurice.
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