Looking to get a head start on your holiday gift list, or simply wanting to settle into the warm feelings of Fall? Here is an easy DIY project for making homemade reed diffusers to fill your space with the inviting and comforting scent of Tahitian vanilla.


– 16 oz. 100% pure unscented Sweet Almond oil

– 10 whole vanilla bean pods

– Rattan bamboo sticks

– Apothecary glass bottle, or any tall glass container with a narrow opening on top

* Ingredients can be found at your local grocery or health food store, or on any major online marketplace.


On a clean surface, cut each vanilla pod with a sharp knife length-wise and scoop out the mushy seed insides with a spoon. Discard the seeds, then place the emptied bean pods inside the LEVO herb pod. It’s ok if it only fills the herb pod part way.

Place the herb pod inside the reservoir at the “Place Pod Here” marker, and add the silicone stirrer paddle to the bottom of the reservoir.

Add the almond oil to the reservoir, making sure to fully submerge the vanilla beans inside the herb pod with liquid.

Set the infusion for 1 hour at 175º F and press start. After the cycle is complete, let the infusion cool and let sit overnight for a more powerful infusion. When cooled and ready, dispense the liquid into a clean container.


Now it’s time to make your reed diffuser!

Place the emptied out whole vanilla bean pods inside the glass bottle you are using for your diffuser, and pour in the infused almond oil 3/4 of the way full.

* TIP: When selecting a bottle, the oil will evaporate more slowly if the opening on top of the bottle is more narrow relative to the bottom.

Add 3-6 rattan bamboo sticks to the bottle, then wait up to 3 hours for the oil to fully saturate them and start to release the fragrance.

Share with friends & family to enjoy the pleasant long lasting aroma of homemade vanilla bean reed diffusers!

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